Imagine you have aII the time in the world. Imagine being able to lead a stress-free and unhurried life, just like yesterdays. When there was abundant it me to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

Well, that’s exactly what BIuejay Aster gives you. Living here, you’ll have so much time on your side that you can afford to while it away doing the most random things. Not to mention, spend time with your family and friends, play with your pets, and pursue your passion, side projects and the like. All thanks to the strategic location and top-notch amenities both inside as weII as outside the property. After all, what good is success and fame, if you don’t have the time to enjoy them fuIIy.

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  • Location : Electronic City
  • No of Units : 79
  • Land Area(Acres) : 9 Acres
  • Plot Size :
    • Type 1 – 600 sft. - Sold Out
    • Type 2 – 1200 sft. - Sold Out
    • Type 3 – 1500 sft. - Sold Out
    • Type 4 – 1800 sft. - Available
    • Type 5 – 1950 sft. - Available
    • Type 6 – 2200 sft. - Available
  • Few of Bigger Dimetions are also available.
  • Type of Property :Luxury Independent Villa Plots
  • Sanctioning Authority :BDA Approved

Floor Plans and Amenities

Swimming Pool
Reading Room
TT Tables
Banquet Hall
Cozy Coffee Shop
Jogging Track
Indoor Badminton Court
Health Center With Gym
Outdoor Basketball Court

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